The Great American Dragster Derby (GADD) is a straight linimagee race between two or more free running rubber band powered dragsters. These racers can go the distance of 50 feet in less than 3 seconds from a standing start. The fun really starts when participants use Science, Math and Technology to optimize their dragster for each race.

The different types of dragsters available exclusively from AeroRacers Inc. are designed so that all cars can run against each other without giving an advantage to any particular design.

GADD dragsters are plywood kits that easily assemble with white glue or super glue. All parts are pre-cut. No knife is needed for assembly. All tools needed to assemble the racer are included in the kit.

GADD dragsters are decorated with markers to keep them as light as possible.

These gear driven dragsters run on any flat surface like a school yard. Races should be run over any distance up to 70 feet. Tracks or timing systems are not required for GADD side by side drag racing. The drivers wind their cars, line up at the start line and release their cars upon a start command. The first vehicle to cross the finish line is the winner.

Applied Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are the main ingredients for racing success with the GADD racers. The racing rules are such that knowledge, vehicle set-up, maintenance as well as critical thinking are rewarded.

We look forward to helping you, your group or your association start a Great American Dragster Derby in your area.

Check out all of our GADD dragster designs along with hop up parts.

Luc Bausch

President, Great American Dragster Derby and AeroRacers Inc.

Great American Dragster Derby (GADD) is a registered Trade Mark of AeroRacers Inc.